Southwark Primary School

A Headteacher's welcome from Southwark Primary School

Everything we do at Southwark is designed to keep the children at the heart of it. Southwark children are very special to me and to all of our team. As Head Teacher, I make sure that everything that takes place in school is done so that it can have a positive effect upon the children as well as the wider school community we serve. Southwark is a place of learning and should be a sanctuary where everyone in our community can feel valued, safe, supported and empowered.

We all believe that children need to grow into healthy, well-balanced citizens who are keen to learn throughout their lives. They need to develop a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to equip them for life and to enable them to positively contribute towards society. We also want them to be inspired by their school experience, feel safe, happy and confident when they are here, and take great memories with them that will stay in their heads and hearts forever when they leave us. Our whole school curriculum is designed with this in mind and we all work very hard to achieve it. My role as Head Teacher is to make sure this is happening – all day and every day. I spend considerable time making sure that each child is receiving the highest quality teaching resulting in each child making good progress. All children need to have individualised attention to ensure they get the best out of school and it is my job to oversee this and ensure that it happens.

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Mr Bernie Skirton


Our trust has a strong safeguarding culture. Training, including online, is provided for all staff on a range of topics, helping to improve understanding and supporting robust approaches matched to our school's context. DSLs are part of a supportive network, engaging with research and local/national developments.
Peter Fowlie Head Teacher Arnbrook Primary School