ONE Vision and Culture

We believe that every child has the right to an engaging, exciting education. We believe in providing inclusive, supportive and safe learning environments for all our children. ONE Academy Trust has a strong collaborative ethos and strives to facilitate the sharing of best practice to help schools to achieve this.

Looking to the future and planning ahead is central to the way we do things at ONE. That’s why we are proud to introduce our 3 year Strategic Plan: Everyone Matters, our ambitious programme for the next 3 years.

Our six priority areas are:



A self-sustaining system: Fostering a culture of continuous and adaptive improvement through accurate self-evaluation, challenge, support and appropriate action


High quality, inclusive education: Creating a co-constructed and coherent conception of quality of education, including inclusivity.



A skilled workforce: Creating a high-performing working culture for all staff that promotes collaboration, aspiration and support.



Viable and sustainable: Using financial data and intelligence to set a stable and accurate financial strategy recognising the importance of robust strategies to support innovative, effective and efficient use of resources across the Trust.


Enhancing Governance: Having governance arrangements that demonstrate legitimate and visionary leadership, clarity of governing and managerial relationships, effective oversight, supportive structures for sustainability and to achieve the greatest possible economies.  


Tangible asset management: Improve the way premises and assets are used to support.  


Central to One Academy Trust's approach is a clear vision which is 'lived and breathed' across all of the schools within the MAT. Trust leaders foster a culture of continuous improvement where safeguarding and the quality of education are prioritised to meet the individual needs/context of our settings. The Trust commits to developing a skilled workforce and strive to ensure that all staff feel valued and invested in, creating an ethos where 'Everyone Matters'.
Bernie Skirton Head Teacher of Southwark Primary School